Book Discussion at Huffington Post

(Updated as of May 4.)

So far, we’ve had:

  • Tyler Cowen arguing that it is the government that is calling the shots, not the banks — “It’s our government deciding to assemble a cooperative ruling coalition – which includes banks — at the heart of its fiscal core.”
  • Noam Scheiber arguing that the administration is not trying to break up the banks because it would be too hard to push through Congress.
  • William Black criticizing the administration’s attempts so far to constrain what he calls “systemically dangerous institutions.”
  • Mike Konczal on the other ways in which Wall Street’s culture is affecting the real economy.
  • Mark Thoma on the importance of history and economic history.

We’ve also written three posts of our own about the book on the Huffington Post Books page, on the “banana peel” theory of the crisis, the key charts in the book, and the problems with measuring bank size.

My response to Tyler Cowen is now up.

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